Youtube Gaming Compiles Videos Of Games You Play, And Games You Should Be

If Youtube doesn’t scratch your gaming itch, or you can’t stand digging through literally millions of videos that aren’t game related, then good news to you! Youtube has launched Youtube Gaming. From the moment you enter the site, you are presented with current games that it believes you are playing. From this, it delivers videos of these games to your feed, as well as games related. Check it out and tell us what you think. We’ll dive in a little deeper and see what treasures are still yet to be found!

Click Here To Enter Youtube Gaming

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Taking shots, skipping the chaser. Atomic is born and raised in “OhighO” with a professional background in broadcasting and video/audio production. In 2011 he felt he was becoming an alcoholic and decided to something about it. Invite over some friends so as to be a social drinker. The Social Revolution began in his apartment with a microphone and a webcam and a bottle or two of Wild Turkey. The rest isn’t history, but is unable to be recalled due to bong rips.

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