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When it comes to music options in 2016, you have a few million choices. You could subscribe to a service like Spotify, Google Music, or even (god forbid) iTunes to get instant access to tons of access at your fingertips. You could also pirate your entire music collection and take it with you on the go. Probably not the smartest option though. You could bust out your CD, tape, record, 8-track cassettes for that nostalgic approach. Then there’s good old radio. Always there when you need to fill the emptiness of the road. All of these options are available in this modern world we’re cruising through. The bottom line is this. You get to decide. It’s your musical tastes and it’s your time to fill it with. Why should you settle though? The real answer is; you shouldn’t!

I can’t help direct you if you’re into pop, polka, country, rap, hip-hop, or anything besides metal. But if metal scratches your itch, there really is only ONE option. Metal Nation Radio. Okay, that was a lie. You have tons of metal options too, but why wade through all the potatoes out there when you can skip straight to the filet mignon? Twenty-four hours of raw metal. And, not just someones favorite playlist streaming online, but a full-blown station. We’re talking, live DJ’s with their own unique style and attitude that you can trust to be there and help get you to your metal-mecca. Band interviews from the small up-and-coming garage bands, to full-blown chart topping artists on the air, and in print. And if winning free shit is the sugar to your musical coffee, then look no further. Promoters not only trust in the delivery of Metal Nation Radio, but look forward to working with the station for promotions due to an amazing track record and dedicated ownership.

In the end, you have the choice. Too many choices sometimes. Why not head straight to the very best in internet radio and tune into, Metal Nation Radio right now? Go find
We may be a little bias, seeing as you can catch The Social Revolution there every Saturday night at 10pm ET, but you can also trust us. We’ve played on the “potato” stations before. We’re happy to be part of the best.

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Taking shots, skipping the chaser. Atomic is born and raised in “OhighO” with a professional background in broadcasting and video/audio production. In 2011 he felt he was becoming an alcoholic and decided to something about it. Invite over some friends so as to be a social drinker. The Social Revolution began in his apartment with a microphone and a webcam and a bottle or two of Wild Turkey. The rest isn’t history, but is unable to be recalled due to bong rips.

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