We’re Back B*tches!


Over the next couple weeks, your favorite drinking show with a radio problem will be going through some major website changes. It’s amazing what you can do these days with a calculator and some bourbon!
We’re excited about the fresh new look and hoping that the changes will reflect upon a better, finer web experience. Kind of like the wine you skip over to reach for the Wild Turkey.

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Taking shots, skipping the chaser. Atomic is born and raised in “OhighO” with a professional background in broadcasting and video/audio production. In 2011 he felt he was becoming an alcoholic and decided to something about it. Invite over some friends so as to be a social drinker. The Social Revolution began in his apartment with a microphone and a webcam and a bottle or two of Wild Turkey. The rest isn’t history, but is unable to be recalled due to bong rips.

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